Sunday, August 26, 2012

iGive Dog Days Sweepstakes

Giving to charity is good for your heart & soul. Research proves that volunteering has positive health benefits. A 2007 government study found that:

  • Volunteering and physical well-being are part of a positive reinforcing cycle.
  • Volunteering leads to greater life satisfaction and lower rates of depression.
  •  Individuals who volunteer live longer.
  • Older volunteers are most likely to receive greater health benefits from volunteering.

Yes! Now I know what to do with my dad!

For those still in the workforce adding volunteering to the busy schedule of kids, home, and work responsibilities can be next to impossible. So instead of time, many give money to the causes closest to their hearts. Unfortunately in the current economic current it is getting more and more difficult to find enough resources to meet our obligations and give to our favorite charities. A nifty company, has a solution;  a guilt free way to give while we shop.

I was excited to learn several years ago that  there is a way to give to my favorite charity, the Friends of the Roxbury Twp Library while shopping online.  Igive has teamed up with retailers to donate a portion of your purchase to your favorite charity. Instead of earning miles or hotel points for purchases, I can feel good knowing a percentage of my purchases go to the Friends. It's easier to use too. Instead of going to United's shopping portal, then picking a store for every purchase I want to make; I downloaded an Igive button. If I go to the Barnes & Noble to order the latest Janet Evanovich, an Igive logo pops up recording the transaction. Bam I've donated to the Friends! 

Now they've gone one better with, iGive Dog Days Sweepstakes, the Friends can win a share of a $10,000 grant. Please consider dowloading Igive. Thanks!