Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Books Read, Goals Met

Dad taught me years ago to keep a book list, mainly to keep track of which audiobooks we had purchased and which one of us had read them. I was thrilled when a friend introduced me to, an online bookshelf where I can keep track of my read and TBR lists, dust free. Since then GoodReads has become the latest bookshelf darling allowing authors to connect with readers and I dabble there as well. 

One of my favorite features of these online bookshelves is reading challenges. Years ago I joined Shelfari’s 50 Book Challenge group. For me, this has been an easily achieved goal, so I quickly added the 100 Reading Challenge group. This year my first book was How to Change Your Life in the Next 15 Minutes and the last Killer Karma. In between I’ve read 3 of Danielle Paige’s wildly successful Dorothy Must Die series, found a great new series, Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery by Steve Robinson and caught up with favorites like WEB Griffin, Lorna Barrett and Mary Higgins Clark

My goal this year was to read at least 50 books, but ultimately to read 100.

My favorite book of the year was The Island at the Center of the World a non-fiction historical look at the founding of New York City. Besides being a fascinating look into the past, while I was reading it I started to help a friend with her ancestry search and found her family prominently featured in the Island, a fact we had no clue about when the quest began.

On Friday as I watch bowl games, I will open my 2016 50 Book Challenge goal and expect to add the 100 Book Challenge by June.