Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve and Apollo 8

Kennedy Space Center 2014
Dad's Naval Academy class holds small yearly reunions at various locations around the country. This year we traveled to Cocoa Beach on Florida's east coast. The location immediately brings to mind "I Dream of Jeannie", astronaut Tony Nelson and Barbara Eden in her jeannie outfit. Like the real life astronauts of the time, Major Nelson blasted off from Kennedy Space Center. One of those real life astronauts was a member of the USNA class of 1955, so unsurprisingly a visit to the space center was a part of the reunion. In one of those could we have timed it any better moments, the exhibition centered on the 1968 Apollo 8 mission in which astronauts Frank F. Borman, II, James A. Lovell, Jr. and USNA ’55 graduate William A. Anders.  

I didn't like taking pictures even at xmas
Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to fly around the moon. It was fascinating to hear the audio from that mission as an adult while reflecting back to my memories of the time. Daddy worked with the Air Force on their space program, so different things were highlighted and celebrated than in most American homes. This flight is a perfect example, my memories center on one aspect of the flight. As the crew began their circle around the moon edging to the back side, I remember my daddy worrying about whether everything would go right and if Bill and his buddies would reappear and re-establish contact with NASA. Daddy worrying about anything was not something my six year old self had experienced, so I knew something very serious was happening. Thankfully they did navigate the spaceship back to the light. All was right with my daddy, his friend and the world so it was time to get back to what matters most to six year olds at that time of year, Christmas!

Meanwhile, there was an important mission still taking place in space. Memorializing the aforementioned feat of flying around the moon, to once again see earth, Bill Anders took one of the most famous pictures ever taken “earthrise”. Rather than taking apart the framed autographed copy off my wall, this one is swiped from the internet.

Besides the Earthrise picture, the part of the mission most Americans remember is the Christmas Eve transmission from the astronauts as they read from the Book of Genesis. So in closing on this Christmas Eve 46 years later I leave you with their transmission, wishing all a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Coldwater Creek is Back!

Well Coldwater Creek is sorta back. The name is back and some of the merchandise is back, but the stores are gone. I originally found out about Coldwater Creek, when thumbing throughout the endless catalogs seemingly every store in America would send my mom. This catalog quickly became a favorite of both of us. Their fun styles in awesome colors filled both of our wardrobes.

Fast forward to 2006 and a trip to Denver where I found an outdoor mall that had one of the first Coldwater Creek stores. Now I’ll refrain from commenting on the absurdity of a two story outdoor mall in Colorado in winter time. However, every woman I know will understand the lengths we will go to visit our favorite store. On another trip, I found a CC in Charlotte, NC. You can guess how excited I was when I discovered the new mall in Chester would have a Coldwater Creek I would pass on the way to work every day.

Then things started to change, the styles weren’t as cute, the colors not so on target and the quality began to slip. CC stopped being my go to store. It was by chance that I happened to stop in the store in May, only to find out the chain would close in 60 days. I was bummed at the close of this chapter.

As I reviewed my winter wardrobe after the first snow I realized I need a couple of turtlenecks. I checked the tags of my favorites and no surprise they were Coldwater Creek sweaters. On a lark I did a google search and what to my wondering eyes did appear than a link that worked! I quickly ordered up a sweater or two and am anxiously awaiting the delivery. For now Coldwater is only online and has a limited selection. Hopefully the quality is what it once had been; if so, I’m sure the CC fan base will encourage a wider selection in the future.

So the sweater arrived today. It is not the same style as the old CC. It's nice though, a lighter weight and more cling so not as forgiving as the old style, but the material is super soft.