Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Murder in the Mystery Suite

Murder in the Mystery Suite (Book Retreat Mysteries #1)Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams
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It' TNT's Librarians in an awesome castle. I want to check into Storyton Hall for a wonderful winter week of reading. Love Jane, the superhero mom, as the new guardian.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Clan Armstrong

I've created a line of Clan Armstrong products for all ages via Zazzle. Show your Armstrong spirit with these customizable designs. Invictus Maneo

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Revolutionary Ancestor Leonard Litzinger Family

My 5th great-grandfather was recently proven to be a Revolutionary War Patriot by the Daughters of the American Revolution. We currently have an application into the Sons of the American Revolution to establish the same for their organization. In prepping documentation for both organizations, I created a chart of Leonard's family that I'd like to share with any of his decendents.

Children of Magdalen Kupser and Leonard Litzinger


Date of Birth/Place



Simon Litzinger
29 May 1767
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
Mary Ann Meyers
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 32 1
Catharine Litzinger
29 Mar 1769
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
Henry Kuhn
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 371
Magdalen Litzinger
05 Mar 1771
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
John Raille
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 421
John James Litzinger
29 Mar 1773
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
Sarah Plott
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 491
John Litzinger
16 Mar 1775
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
Appolonia Adams
Ms Pierce
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 541
John Leonard Litzinger
20 Sep 1777
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Leas
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 651
Anna Maria Litzinger
08 Sep 1779
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
John Stockton
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 721
Anthony Litzinger
03 Feb 1782
Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA
Susanah Burley
Goshenhoppen Registers pg 821
Eve Litzinger
Abt 1785
John Meyers
Conewago Chapel2 and Leonard Litzinger will3

* Eve Litzinger birth year of 1785 is estimated from 1800 census. Family relocated from Berks County to York/Adams County between 1784 and 1785 according to tax records. Theories:
          A) Eve’s baptism is not recorded in Goshenhoppen Registers due to failing health of Father Ritter’s failing health “registers kept by him during the last two years of his life from 1785-1787 are missing.” [Goshenhoppen Resisters pg 122]
          B) The surviving records from Conewago Chapel seem to begin in 1791, long after Eve’s birth, hence no record of her baptism.

1 Goshenhoppen Registers 1741-1819; Reprinted from American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia by Clearfield Inc, Baltimore, MD 2002
2 Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Historic Pennsylvania Church and Town Records; Reel: 695

3 Leonard Litzinger will; PA Archives PA-31-2-223