Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mystery Solved!

This Western Union Telegram has been in a Ritts scrapbook for years. 
Original Text Messaging
The message sent to my Nana has been a mystery for over 20 years. Who was this Aunt that passed away? Nana had eight Aunts, but none of their death dates matched up. There is also a hand written note we think was written by my Aunt Maybelle identifying the deceased as her great-great Aunt. This didn't seem right since that generation seemed to have died in the mid 1800s. The key to solving this puzzle came from the recent release from the Pennsylvania Archives to Pennsylvania Death Certificates for up to 1944 were added in June. Those green leaves from the TV ads have been popping up on my tree. Today a leaf popped up on my Nana's grand aunt Elizabeth Metzger Paul. The hint was her death certificate and guess when she passed away... Aug 22, 1934. Finally we had our answer! Thank you Great-Great Aunt Elizabeth (she really is my 2nd Great Aunt) for solving this mystery. May you rest in peace.