Thursday, November 12, 2009

Libraries & Literacy - I

Investing in personal prosperity = business and financial literacy

How does the Roxbury Library aid in personal prosperity? There are a myriad of finance books available at the library that enlighten us on the way to prosperity.  My favorite finance author – Suze Orman often speaks of making more room in your life by clearing out the clutter.  Luckily, the library offers a computer class on how to master E-Bay to help us unload our no longer wanted “treasures”.

After the beginning of the year, if you need a tax form, head to the table in the lobby to pick up your form.  If you need help with your taxes, make an appointment with one of the AARP tax volunteers.


  1. How about an N for Natural History? Have anything about kiwis in there? :)

  2. The library has a section on Natural History & I'm sure something on kiwis as well. Just visit your local library and check it out.