Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cleopatra - the Search for the Last Queen of Egypt

While I was in Philadelphia I went to the Franklin Institute’s Cleopatra Exhibit.  Archeologists have been digging in the Mediterranean Sea for the old city of Alexandria, home of Cleopatra.  The exhibit contains the finds from the bottom of the sea.  Among them are a couple of huge statues of pharaohs. Watch while the archeologists pull the pieces up from the sea floor then reassemble the statues for the first time in several centuries. It was fascinating watching the film then turning around to see the statues up close. Somehow they survived not only centuries under water, but a Tsunami and earthquakes, it’s amazing.

Another intriguing artifact was a papyrus document signed by Cleopatra. In the note to an official of the government, Cleopatra forgave all taxes for a friend of Marc Antony. Even in ancient Egypt political favors were the normal course of business.

Archeologists are currently on a quest to find Cleopatra’s final resting place which they now believe is 30 miles away from Alexandria. In a few years, we may be able to see the final resting place of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. I look forward to seeing what the archeologists find. In the mean time, if you’re in Philly, stop by the Franklin Institute. The Cleopatra Exhibit is worth the price of admission.

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