Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Charting My Migration Pedigree

The 2nd biggest hobby in America latest craze that is popping up all over Facebook, is migration pedigrees. What the heck is that? It's a different way to view your family tree; rather than seeing mom, dad and grandpa, it charts of where family came from. 

My chart is pretty boring; as I've said in my classes, my family, most prior to my 2nd great grands, came into the port of Philadelphia migrated to "western" Pennsylvania and never left. Wanting a some more color, I decided to chart my mom and dad.
Well mom's chart doesn't add much color but at least there is a new state. Her 2nd great grandpa (my 3rd gg) was born in Maryland.
Dad's chart on the other hand not only adds color but surprises and mystery. Dad's Campbell family immigrated to Pennsylvania. The family spent a few years in Virginia after the Civil War where dad's grandpa ACJC was born, before moving back to Pennsylvania. 

I was told by my parents that our heritage was English, Scotch, Dutch and Welsh. England is accounted for up there on my chart with my 2nd great grandfather Hudson. Check off Welsh, there is 2nd great grandma Woodward from Monmouthshire on dad's chart. Ireland, at first glance that doesn't fit into the family "story". Upon closer inspection the "Irish" were Forbes hence really Scots-Irish. Next up German, hmm nothing in the family story from my parents; in fact grandma seemed to forget about her German grandma's lineage when dad was applying to the Naval Academy. Grandma's sister Great Aunt Betty revealer of family secrets clued me into the German connection during a European vacation. Oh, so for the "Dutch" we have to go back to a crazy story from mm's side of the family in the 1600s. 

Lastly is my brick wall, the Armstrongs. While ultimately I know the line goes back to Scotland as all Armstrongs trace back to a warrior in the 1200s. For now however, I'm stuck in Pennsylvania searching for the correct John Armstrong circa 1830s who could be from PA, NJ or England.

Have some fun and create your own migration pedigree chart

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