Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning Tasks

It Spring, time to enjoy the flowers and warm breezes. It's also time to clean the house to really enjoy those Spring breezes. I put together a list with the help of other blogs and am partially done with the work. I'm hoping posting it here will help motivate me to finish the tasks.
  1. Clean vacuum cleaners & filters - check
  2. Organize & purge medicine cabinet - check
  3. Organize clothes closet. Donate unused clothes. Pitch un-wearable. Organize what’s left. – Check, check, check
  4. Wipe down walls and baseboards – check
  5. Clean & polish wood furniture – check 
  6. Wash bedding – check
  7. Clean stove top – check 
  8. Clean out Dryer lint trap - check
  9. Clean your washing machine – trying this right after Home Depot run
  10. Clean your dishwasher.
  11. Clean the inside of microwave.
  12. Clean drains naturally – Home Depot run needed for snake
  13. Clean inside of oven.
  14. Clean inside of refrigerator – half done, Freezer complete.
  15. Organize Spice Cabinet – buy that in cabinet spice rack I’ve been looking at.
  16. Clean & sanitize the inside of all the garbage cans.
  17. De-clutter the tough spots: (partially done)
    • magazine clutter - check
    • foyer closet - check
    • home office – in progress   
    • utensil drawer
    • above the refrigerator 
  18. Weed out bookcases – donate books to Friends of the Library
  19. Vacuum the furniture.
  20. Vacuum under the furniture. Add fix Roomba so IT can vacuum under the furniture.

How is your Spring Cleaning coming along?

1 comment:

  1. Snaking the drain is completely disgusting. Thankfully after the baking soda & vinegar the sink is once again presentable.

    The dishwasher is clean and once again accepting bowls & dishes.

    Book donation completed.

    Time now for a quick nap while the bleach sits in the washer and the oven cools down.