Saturday, December 7, 2013

Car Help Needed!

Ok folks, I need help from those who understand cars. So far in life, I have managed to avoid doing much more than taking my car in for servicing when necessary. When they get overly cranky and needy, I buy a new car.  My current car, a 2003 Honda Accord, has served me well, but is entering the world of teenage drivers.  Since this generation has grown up with personal playlists, a way to connect an Ipod/MP3 to the car stereo system is a must. Of course my cassette player which had with an adapter and had been adequately serving this purpose for me has decided to commit suicide. There has been much talk about replacing the cassette deck or radio, adding a new radio, aux panel and adding sub-woofers. Sorry sub-woofers aren't happening. As to the rest, it just leaves my head spinning as the kids babble.  

Now my dad has gotten into the act by saying the kid needs a GPS. Well this is no surprise to me, as I have to constantly give him basic directions as well as driving instructions. Gratefully he is a much better driver than he is navigator. There is also a need for some sort of hands free phone ability, making Bluetooth and additional add on. So while watching Auburn beat Missouri I have been searching the web for GPS, AUX & Bluetooth. At halftime, I ran to PC Richards for advice, but only came away more confused. For those who know anything about this stuff, I'm sure it's no surprise there are hundreds if now thousands of choices, the majority of which I don't understand. Gratefully (I think) I stumbled upon a couple that make sense to me, at least in looks. If I'm right they might even come with rear view camera capabilities! So these are the pretty choices, one I totally get the picture, but the instructions are missing so I can't tell if all the cables & stuff are included. The other has great detail of all the cables included, but I can't figure out where to plug in my MP3, so I'm perplexed.
There's a MP3 plug in front!
Where do I plug in my MP3?
Am I on the right track? Building from scratch like PC Richards seemed to be talking about seems way to many choices for me. Is this something someone somewhat mechanically inclined (not me) can do or do I need a professional?  What is the right way to go? Oh, any recommendations on car trackers would be appreciated as well.

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