Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

The East Coast is being hit by another nor'easter named Pax. The snow started last night and snowed continuously until a little while ago. The storm isn't over it is just taking a breather and so are we. Neighbors ventured out to clear pathways. We started cleaning off cars and decks while we wait for the resumption of the storm. The weathermen are telling us that we've gotten 14 inches so far. And oh goodie they just reported we should be getting another 3-6 inches tonight.  I wonder what Dr Tierney has up his sleeve for tomorrow's delayed opening school closing. 

Here is what it looked like out my backdoor for part 1 of Pax. The square that is being buried by the snow is my AC unit.

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  1. Patrick Tierney has posted his latest Roxbury School closing announcement to the melody of Billy Joel's Piano Man