Monday, July 19, 2010

Sandwich Day

I had been meaning to schedule my mammography since the beginning of the year. Life happens and here it is July and still no mammogram.  Then while scheduling appointments for my dad – an early morning doctor appointment followed up with an early afternoon CAT scan, both nearby the hospital, I suddenly had a block of free time on my hands. Now being the multi-tasker I am, I searched for something to fill those hours between dad’s appointments.

Oh, what about taking care of me and finally scheduling that mammogram? I called the Ripple Breast Center at Morristown Memorial Hospital and explained that I was trying to sandwich my abnormal mammo and ultrasound in between dad’s appointment in 2 days time. Any chance they could squeeze me in?  After a bit of deliberation on their part and me shamelessly playing the pity card, they came through. Hooray, they could squeeze me in to get squeezed, swished, and mushed!

Like many of the sandwich generation, I tend to forget to take care of me, and when I do it’s sandwiched in between taking care of others in my life.

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