Monday, March 29, 2010

A Double Whammy for NJ Libraries

As if the Governor’s proposed budget cuts to libraries weren’t enough; Assemblyman John Dimaio has introduced an elimination of the required appropriation for the funding of free municipal libraries. Instead library appropriations would be the amount deemed necessary for the proper maintenance of the library by the municipal governing body. I fear the lawmakers in Trenton do not value libraries. Libraries are the cornerstones of our towns. They house the past, present and future of our communities. They provide the resources for all of the community to grow and achieve their potential. In these economic hard times Libraries and their resources are needed even more. While the budget crisis requires cutbacks in all areas, the proposed cuts along with A2555 will cripple municipal libraries across the state.

Please click on the link and send an e-mail to your state representatives in the 25th district in support of your library. 

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