Monday, March 1, 2010

Energy Art

I had never heard of Energy Art before. Then I saw an ad on Facebook which included a painting by Julia Watkins. The ads on Facebook cycle pretty quickly so the image appeared frequently. Every time the ad appeared I would pause to gaze at the picture. It resonated with me, lightening my spirit. Finally I actually clicked on the ad and learned about Energy Art.

Energy Art is a new movement with old roots. Impressionists, Expressionist and Futurists all tried to capture energy forms in their art. The Energy Art Movement officially began a couple of years ago. Their explanation of Energy Art is ‘the depiction of energy using color, form, and composition to create inventive and expressive works of art that resonate with impact and feeling.” Well it resonates with me. And apparently I’m not alone. Deepak Chopra recently bought a paining from Ms Watkins dolphin series. I hope this picture of my favorite 
the "Peacock” speaks to you as well. 

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