Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Tech Toy

It’s always a treat when new technology comes to the marketplace to make our lives simpler, more productive or just plain fun. The nook, the latest greatest cell phone or the ATM. Yes, there are changes afoot with the good ole ATM. Useful and functional, it’s been a longtime since there has been anything exciting about the ATM except whether the right one is located in a convenient location when you need it.

Other banks may have the new technology, but I’ve only seen ads for the new Chase ATM. According to the commercial; with the new and improved ATM deposits are oh so much easier. Just insert your check or cash directly into the machine, no envelope or deposit slip and away you go.  Today was the first time I tried out the new toy.  Wow, it works just as advertised.  I inserted my bankcard, indicated I was making a deposit. Now the new technology kicks in. The screen flashes cash or check deposit, I selected check. It then instructed me to deposit the check. I fed the check into the slot face up. Once it read the check it asked me to confirm my $100 deposit. Pretty cool, the machine was right. This new toy may take away the enjoyment I’ve gotten from direct deposit.

·               *  Housekeeping note – There is an option to get a printed copy of the check on your receipt if you need it.

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