Monday, February 8, 2010

National Laughter and Get Rich Day

Today is National Laugh and Get Rich Day. Laughter is good for you. It is a great stress reducer. Laughter strengthens your immune system and reduces food cravings. My friend Diana has developed a wonderful Laughter Yoga Program. Visit her website and enjoy a laugh today. I’ve gone to a few of her classes and they are terrific. We played like children. Laughed like Santa. In general we had a wonderful refreshing time.

Get Rich Day – what to do… I’d love to have a fabulously successful business bringing in bucket loads of money – working on a plan for that. Last week NJ began participating in the Powerball lottery – maybe this will work in the short term.

Got a plan – to celebrate today, I’m watching one of my favorite comedies Operation Petticoat and buying a Powerball ticket.

Don’t forget to laugh today

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