Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stress Buster

As mentioned in my last blog, the Stress Number Test tells me that I am suffering from major stress. Now the challenge is what to do about it.  Yes, I will take an aspirin for my tension headache, but I’m not a big fan of drugs to solve long term problems.  I love massages which are great stress reducers.  Actually I REALLY love chair massages. My tension burrows into and under my traps.  Those wonderful ladies in the mall with the massage chairs do wonders for me. One of my favorite stress reducers is the long hot Jacuzzi bath.  A few years back, I did my first home renovation project – a bathroom remodel.  Now I have a wonderful bubbling bath tub for long relaxing soaks.  A recent favorite soak that I make is Epson Salt & Ginger (1 cup Epson & 2 tablespoons Ginger). It eliminates toxins and body aches.  To make my tub experience as relaxing as possible, I am always in search of bath salts, oils and milk baths.  Send me your favorite baths; I’d love to try new recipes. 


  1. i've been wanting to try these, they sound easy and yum:

  2. The Gingerbread Mask sounds awesome. I've got to check the cabinet to see if there's molasses on the shelf.