Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Civic Duty: Pull the Lever

Today NJ is holding their School Board elections. When I dropped my dad off to vote at his polling place, I was presently surprised by the large turnout. As a poll worker for the primary and general elections, I am very aware of the low voter turnout for most elections. Historically Presidential elections get the largest turnout of elections held. Yet the 2008 Presidential election only tallied a 64% turnout. I’m sorry but for a country whose existence was created as a response to taxation without representation, I find it appalling that every eligible citizen over the age of 18 does not avail themselves of the right to vote.

Voter turnout began to decline in 1964 hitting its lowest point during the 1996 Presidential election when only 49% of the electorate voted. Midterm elections for Congress and State government elections have an even more dismal attendance. Sadder still, the Daily Record is reporting that the usual turnout for a School Board election in Morris County is a paltry 18%.

The November election for Governor garnered a 47% of possible ballots cast. Today’s School Board election 36% of my fellow Roxbury residents showed up to cast their vote doubling the usual county turnout. I am hopeful that even more citizens across the nation will stand up and be counted at this year’s Midterm primary and election.

Reminder New Jersey residents, Primary elections will be held on June 8th. See you around the polling place.

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