Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Understanding Everyday Stress

Stress is an abnormal condition that disrupts the normal functions of the body or mind. No two people are affected in exactly the same way, or to the same degree, but most people living in our society suffer from its effects at one or more times during their lives. Symptoms range from mind headaches, occasional bouts of insomnia, overall restlessness, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

  •       Death of a close family member or friend.
  •       Major personal injury, illness or pregnancy.
  •       Major change in the health of a family member.
  •       Marriage, marital reconciliation, divorce.
  •       Arguments with spouse, family members, friends, co-workers.
  •       Financing major purchases.
  •       Major change in eating habits, living conditions, moving.
  •       Changing to a different line of work.
  •       Major change in responsibilities at work.
  •       Changes in working hours or conditions.
  •       Being fired at work.
  •       Starting a new job or career.
  •       Retirement from work.
  •       Business readjustment, changes in financial condition.

How many of items on this list are effecting your life right now? Know you are not alone and there is help. There are a mirade of healthy things you can do to relieve stress; walking  outside, talking with close friends, hugging a pet, taking a bubble bath are on my list. Life coaches, therapists and support groups are available to help you help yourself.  

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