Saturday, April 10, 2010

PSL Rant

Today as I sat in the New Giants Stadium, oops I mean the New Meadowlands Stadium, I reflected on the absurdity of the Personal Seat License (PSL). Team owners around the country to maximize their revenues, created a scam called PSL. A season ticket holder is given the privilege of forking over thousands of dollars for the right to occupy a seat in their new stadium.

The brochure sent by the Giants last year extolled the virtues of the new stadium. It told us of the wonderfulness awaiting us as soon as we coughed up 10k for our seats; then came the best part probably from the legal department. The 10k is non-refundable. It is transferable (sellable) but only according to our guidelines and whoops, we haven’t written those yet. Oh and there are seat holder responsibilities to uphold or you will lose your season ticket rights and of course the PSL money. Once again we can’t tell you what all those responsibilities will include because we haven’t made them up yet. Lastly, in due time when the Giants once again decree they must have a new stadium; the PSL will not be transferable to that new stadium. A new and more than likely even more over-priced PSL will be needed to retain your seat in that stadium.


While I am a longtime fan of the Giants, I am admittedly a fair weather fan. I will attend games when the weather is fair, otherwise I am quite happy to watch the game ensconced in my home in front of the fire and the flat screen. Ticket prices nearing $100 had my family reconsidering our season ticket holder status. The new stadium with its PSL sealed the deal. I am now a former season ticket holder.

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