Sunday, April 11, 2010

The New Meadowlands Stadium

Yesterday was the opening of the New Meadowlands Stadium. The Jets & Giants readily admitted that the stadium is not yet complete. Giants Stadium still looms on the northern front. The parking lots and roadways need finishing. The Presidential suites as well as a variety of eating, drinking and merchandising areas are not ready for business. Giants Stadium is not departing without a fight and is taking longer than expected to be dismantled. Expectations are by football season most of these will be ready & waiting the season ticket holders.

Even so, there were enough amenities available to the lacrosse fans attending the 2nd Big City Classic to make the day a pleasant experience. Having worked the Red Bull Arena opening it was not unexpected to experience a rocky start at the gate. Nor was it surprising that the staff were a little tentative on directions. Those things are easy fixes that come with familiarity with the facility filled with fans. Overall, the staff was energized and helpful, while the fans were curious and patient. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Of course what fans really want to know is what the inside is like. Well, there is a huge concourse on the first level with far more food choices than at Giants Stadium. Our seats were on the lower mezzanine in the club section. The club chairs are plush & comfy with cup holders attached to the seat in front. The club lounge runs along the back of the lower mezz section on the opponent’s side of the field.  Although seating is plentiful, it is next to impossible to see the field from inside the club. The club had a slew of food choices along with flat screen TVs galore. The entire stadium is out fitted with flat screen TV’s. The only place I didn’t see TV’s were the bathrooms.

Note: The old stadium was known for its crazy wind patterns. The new stadium seems destined to carry on that tradition if not surpass it. Whereas in Giants Stadium the wind came from the East or West Tunnel or from above; the new stadium allows the wind in from all directions. For reasons past my understanding those interesting slats on the outside of the building do not close.

My verdict, yeah the new stadium is nice but still unnecessary. I will miss the atmosphere of the old Giants Stadium.

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