Monday, April 5, 2010

Pets are Wonderful Month

April is Pets are Wonderful Month. Well I have to agree, they are wonderful. At the top of my list is my dog Kris. Kris was the first dog I ever had. Actually he was a member of the family before I was. Dad never particularly liked dogs, unlike my mom who had very fond memories of her grandparents Sheppard. Eventually, mom was able to wear dad down and they got Kris, a German Sheppard. The day I came home from the hospital my mom laid me on the couch, unwrapped my blanket then introduced me to Kris. As mom it, he sniffed me from my toes up to my face, then gave me a big face lick. From then on Kris was my dog. He slept by my bedside nightly with a brief break when my brother arrived.  He simply was my protector, playmate and friend.  

My favorite memory was the day dad brought home a lobster for dinner. This was the first time we’d ever attempted lobster at home. Come to think of it, it was the last time as well, but that’s another story. Dad got a lobster so huge it wouldn’t fit in the pot. While my parents pondered what to do, they put the lobster on the porch. Kris also on the porch was not pleased with the new arrival. He and the lobster glared at one another neither knowing what the other was but instantly disliking the other. To protect both parties, Kris was tied to the porch while the lobster’s pinchers were pinched. So Kris barked while the lobster snapped its pinchers to the amusement of the kids in the neighborhood. To the delight of my dog, not so much the lobster; my parents quickly came up with a solution and the lobster took his expected place on the kitchen table.  

Kris has been gone over 30 years but I will never be forgot my wonderful dog. How are you honoring your favorite pet this month?

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